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Kent Tube device

Kent Tube device
Kent Tube device
Model: A01-741P-Y01
Manufacturer: Made in Taiwan 台灣製
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The experiment:


The study closed tube resonance


Research on metal rod


Determination of the speed of sound of the metal rod





Experimental Methods:


Friction in the middle of the length of the rod fixed metal rod the other end, a standing wave vibration frequency to move the piston to change the length of the air column, just resonance born. Three-dimensional wood pile, a distance equal to two piles of sawdust 1/2λ by temperature the speed of sound was calculated vibrational frequencies fa = Va / λa metal rod due to the central node can be regarded as two-terminal anti-node, the length of the rod ℓ is equal to the half-wave the ℓ = 1/2λm metal rod vibration caused by the vibration of the air pipe, the same frequency fa = fm is the speed of sound of the metal rod Vm = fm, λm


Experimental apparatus:


Kent tube device

Rosin powder


Copper Rod

Aluminum rod

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